The Cavaliers have told Kevin Love that if he wants to be traded, they will need his help, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

"Kevin Love has been miserable this season," Windhorst said on an episode of The Jump. "But I don't think he has been miserable in every second of every game. I think there is some nuance in that. The thing about it is, when Kevin Love signed his contract (extension), he had Channing Frye on his team, he had J.R. Smith on his team and his coach was Ty Lue.

"The team has completely turned over since then. They've gone a completely different route. He is struggling with this reality that he is dealing with young players and them going through the growing pains. He wants to be at the stage of his career where he is playing for higher stakes."

Love apologized Tuesday for some of his recent behavior on the court, then went out and scored 30 points in a loss to the Detroit Pistons. He finished 12-of-15 shooting from the field -- but attempted just two shots in the fourth quarter as the Cavaliers blew a 12-point lead.

He is averaging 16.4 points and 10.3 rebounds on the season.

"The Cavs have communicated to him, 'Help us help you,'" Windhorst said. "Do you want to get traded? Then come in and have a good attitude every day and put up numbers. And there have been periods this season where Cavs has done that. But there have been several times this season where he's lost his cool a little bit, and we're all watching for it."

Check out all of Windhorst's thoughts on Love and the Cavs in the video below.