Yet another national voice has come out and strongly stated what many around the NBA suspect -- that Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is seeking a trade.

And yet another opposing general manager has suggested that Love and the Cavs have a long road ahead for a deal.

The latest comes from ESPN insider Brian Windhorst, a native of Akron, Ohio, and former Cavs beat reporter.

Windhorst addressed the Love situation on his podcast, The Hoop Collective.

"He absolutely, totally wants to get out of there," Windhorst said. "It has driven him various levels of crazy to be there this season."

Love recently made the rounds on the Internet for showing extreme frustration in the Cavs' loss to Oklahoma City on Saturday. This after a report that he lashed out at GM Koby Altman during the team's morning shootaround.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski first reported that the Cavs are opening the phone lines for trade calls on Love. But with a well-chronicled injury history and three years and $90 million left on Love's contract ... well, reaching a deal before the Feb. 6 deadline won't come easy.

"There's not that much traction for a trade as far I can tell," Windhorst said. "That is a bit of a mess, to say the least."

Along with all that, one opposing GM told on Monday that many executives consider Love "the prime suspect" in a recent report from The Athletic. It quoted anonymous sources who expressed displeasure with new coach John Beilein.

"Isn't he the only one who has not refuted (the report) or backed Beilein?" the GM asked. "Pretty sure everyone else who matters has."

Love's age (31), contract and injury history were already enough to make him a difficult sell for the Cavs. "Now he's bringing problems to the team too?" the GM said. "All of it is cause for hesitation."

Still, Windhorst indicated there are indeed some opposing teams that would be more than happy to bring in Love, and the 16.4 points and 10.3 rebounds he's averaging this season.

"I think there are teams that would do it," Windhorst said. "One of the things that's been remarkable to me -- as I've talked to people around the league about Kevin in the last 48-72 hours -- is there are a lot of people who really value him and really like him."

Just liking a player, however, is not enough.

"The problem is, because of his contract, it's a difficult to come up with a trade," Windhorst said. "The Cavs are viewing it like they are trading an All-Star level player. The other teams are saying 'Yeah, he's a good player but we're taking on this money.' They think they're bailing the Cavs out."