Coming to America? Cavs to take look at Gudaitis

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If there's one aspect the Cleveland Cavaliers are a bit short on is size.

With that in mind, the team plans on giving a look to a to ArturasGudaitis, a 6-foot-10 center from Lithuania now playing in the Euroleague.

Gudaitis was acquired as part of the three-team deal between the Cavaliers, the Kings and the Jazz, which saw GeorgeHill and RodneyHood end up in Cleveland, JaeCrowder and the since-waived DerrickRose in Utah and ImanShumpert in Sacramento.

Why kind of player is Gudaitis? Here's what has to say about him:

  • Strengths -- Gudaitis’ impressively wide shoulders and sturdy frame make him stand out from the other players whenever he’s on the floor. Knows his role and always plays within himself, which has led to terrific efficiency: 73.2% from the field and just 12 turnovers in 19 games so far this season in the Euroleague. Strong offensive rebounder with good touch around the basket. Can score in the post with a hook shot or close-range jumper if he establishes good position before getting the ball. Can make a midrange jumper but almost never attempts them (3-5 on the year). Makes 70% of his free throws.
  • Weaknesses -- Not athletic by NBA standards ... Has gotten bigger and stronger but seems to have lost some of his quickness ... Virtually never puts the ball on the floor or tries to make a play for his teammates (has 3 assists in 19 games). During the 2017 Eurocup with the Lithuanian national team, Gudaitis had more freedom to create with the ball and really struggled, forcing shots and turning the ball over on passes that had no chance to get through. On defense is just an average defensive rebounder, as he sometimes struggles to box out opponents’ big men, which is inexcusable with his size and strength. Not much of a rim protector, sometimes jumps for pump fakes but is getting better in that area.
  • NBA Outlook -- Prior to the draft, Gudaitis was seen as a face-up Power Forward with three-point-shooting potential and the ability to put the ball on the floor ... 3 years later, he is now much more of a traditional center who operates almost exclusively in the paint (94% of his shot attempts this season are from that area) and struggles when forced to make decisions with the ball in his hands ... Since Gudaitis is not a great rim protector and doesn’t look like he ever will be one, he needs to show a much more versatile offensive game if he ever wants to make it to the NBA .

Could Gudaitis be coming to a Cleveland arena (or more specifcally, Quicken Loans Arena) near you soon? Perhaps, making him a potential future member of the Cavaliers to watch.