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Cavs need kick-start at starting two guard

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Nothing is going right for the Cleveland Cavaliers at shooting guard.

Dwyane Wade looked lost as the starter for the first three games. J.R. Smith has been every bit as unproductive in the two games since.

Of course, LeBron James is playing point guard at the moment, and while he's done a fantastic job, it's safe to say the starting backcourt is in a bit of disarray.

Point guard likely won't be an issue once Derrick Rose (ankle) and Isaiah Thomas (hip) return from injuries. Rose could return as soon as the weekend, moving James back to his common position of forward.

But that still doesn't make things at shooting guard any better.

As the starter, Wade combined for 7-of-25 shooting in the first three games. He looked out of sorts and unable to find a rhythm.

Not to be outdone, Smith is a miserable 2-of-17 in his previous two starts.

Unlike Wade, who scored 11 points and looked much more comfortable in his first time as a reserve against Chicago (he sat out Wednesday at Brooklyn), Smith was equally ineffective off the bench.

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This isn't intended to trash Smith, but there's no denying he's off to an ugly start.

And after five games, the Cavs are still desperate for answers at the position.

"With J.R., everything is mental," James told reporters, via "The reason D-Wade struggled is he's on a completely new team, running all new stuff, he's trying to figure all that out. He's used to seeing the ball.

"J.R., everything's mental. He's too good of a shooter for it to be anything but mental."

Now, the Cavs could get involved in trade talks between now and February and bring in another shooting guard. Eric Bledsoe is a combo guard who is currently on the outs with the Phoenix Suns. He would love to play in Cleveland.

And the Cavs would love to have him. That seems like a long shot at the moment, though.

There is also the possibility, again, that the Cavs could pull off a trade at some point for someone else. But for now, that's not the plan.

For now, they are hoping to get what they originally planned from Smith or Wade, or best of all, both.