Acquiring Hill would come at huge financial cost for Cavs

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The much-rumored potential trade that would send veteran guard GeorgeHill to the Cleveland Cavaliers would come at an extremely high cost to the Cavaliers.

According to former NBA executive Bobby Marks, now of ESPN, if such a deal were to be consummated with the Sacramento Kings, it would greatly impact the Cavaliers' already-massive luxury-tax bill:

Several sources told Amico Hoops last week of the Cavs’ interest in Hill. Sources later added a potential Cavs trade for Hill would possibly involve sending big man Channing Frye andshooting guard Iman Shumpert, as well potentiallypoint guard Derrick Rose to the Kings.

ESPN suggested the deal would focus on Frye and Shumpert only, and perhaps a draft pick — something first mentioned by the New York Times.