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Cavs Notes: LeBron, Wade, Lue

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Not surprisingly, LeBron James was all about the Cleveland Cavaliers' impending signing of Dwyane Wade.

And why not? Wade may be 35 years old, but when healthy, he still had a productive season with the Chicago Bulls.

Also, the two men reached four straight NBA Finals together with the Miami Heat (2011-14), winning two championships.

"Come on, man, this is like one of my best friends," James told reporters at the Cavs' practice facility Wednesday. "It's kind of like when you start school and you walk into the classroom, and you're not quite sure who your classmates are. And when you walk in and one of your best friends is in there, you're like, 'Oh, yeah, this is going to be fun. It's going to be a good class.'

"That's the type of feeling I got."

Granted, some things still need to happen before Wade can officially slip on a Cavs uniform. But the 6-foot-4 shooting guard should be in camp within the next day or two.

It's not yet known where Wade will play, or if he will even start. While James referred to Wade as a playmaker, the primary ball-handling duties will probably be left to the likes of James, Derrick Rose and Isaiah Thomas (when healthy).

That means it's likely down to Wade or J.R. Smith for the other starting backcourt role.

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Of course, whoever starts may not finish the game. And whoever starts on Day One may not be the starter when the games matter most. There's still plenty of time for Cavs coach Tyronn Lue to decide on all that.

Right now, all that matters is the King of Cavaliers Basketball is a happy man. The addition of Wade is a major reason why -- but not the only reason why.

"I'm just enjoying life," James told reporters. "This is a wonderful time. I mean, it's 90 (degrees) in September in Cleveland. How could you not be happy?"


James, 32, also told reporters he's been training as much as ever during the past three months, and clearly, it's not gone unnoticed.

"He seems younger," Lue told reporters. "I call him Benjamin Button. He just seems happier with the game right now, just having fun and enjoying the game. Hopefully it carries on for 82 games and into the playoffs."

HE'S NO. 9?

According to ESPN, James is "negotiating" on behalf of Wade for a jersey number. Wade has won the No. 3 his entire career.

But it's Cedi Osman's No. 9, according to ESPN, that is "in talks."