The NBA is not ruling out the possibility of resuming the season in July and finishing the season in late September, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

With the league on hold because of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, it has no firm plans on how best to change its calendar or salvage its season.

But commissioner Adam Silver has already indicated the NBA is hopeful of completing the season and crowning champion, as the league and its teams try to come up with contingency plans to make it happen.

Per Silver, one such idea is potentially playing games in empty arenas. That is actually scheduled to be done in China when the Chinese Basketball Association resumes play next month.

As Wojnarowski reported, another idea is shifting a restart to the summer and fall months.

"The loosest of drop-dead dates on completing the NBA Finals is Labor Day weekend in early September, sources say, which teams say necessitates games starting back up by July 1 -- and practice facilities reopening weeks before that," Wojnarowski wrote.

But he added that "no one in the NBA wants to be tied to Labor Day weekend" and limiting the possibility of finishing the 2019-20 season.

"If the NBA season could start later in July and finish later in September, well, no one is ruling out that idea either," Wojnarowski wrote.

Again, nothing here is set in stone or even close. All we really know is everyone involved with pro basketball hopes that this season won't end up being remembered for being entirely canceled.

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