Van Gundy would be happy to 'relieve' Cavs of LeBron pressure

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CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in "Strugglesville" as LeBronJames likes to say, and are still looking to improve everything from defense to basic chemistry.

But for as many issues as the Cavs have, the Detroit Pistons have had problems of their own. Namely, dropping their last seven straight games, and eight of their last 10.

The two teams play a home-and-home series over the next three days, and prior to the showdown at Quicken Loans Arena on Sunday night, Pistons coach StanVanGundy was asked how you combat some of the problems the Cavs are currently facing when you have the added pressure of having James on the roster. What followed was some quintessential Van Gundy wisdom.

"It’s really tough, the pressures that come with having a guy like LeBron," Van Gundy said, tongue planted squarely in cheek. "I mean, how do you overcome that? Boy I don’t know. That’s a special problem and I’m sure they’d be better off if they didn’t have that problem.

"I don’t want to tamper or anything, but if they need us to relieve them of that problem and those expectations maybe they can be better off. Talk to (Cavs general manager) Koby (Altman), I’m a charitable guy I’d be happy to discuss that."

While it's felt like the sky is falling in Cleveland for the last several weeks, Van Gundy added some perspective when it comes to the issues Detroit's Central Division foes are facing. When it comes down to it, as Van Gundy sees it, these are typical NBA problems.

"Look what they’ve been going through, they’ve got the third-best record in the East, they’re 15-2 in their last 17 home games, they’ve lost some on the road, it’s the NBA," he said. "I’m not privy to what goes on inside their team, I’m not trying to analyze it, we clearly have enough problems of (our) own. But the Cleveland Cavaliers are a very, very talented team that have been dominant at home and really don’t have a whole lot to worry about."