Silver: NBA Still At Least Month Away From Deciding If Season Can Resume

Sam Amico

Commissioner Adam Silver and the NBA won't be able to determine whether the season can resume until May 1 at the earliest, Silver told TNT's Ernie Johnson.

The NBA suspended play March 11.

Silver added that no decisions have been made on if regular-season games will be held should the league resume.

"The short answer is no," Silver said on if he has a better sense of where things stand today than in March.

He added that the league has been looking extensively at playing games without fans in the building, perhaps in a centralized location.

Baxter Holmes of ESPN reported the league is looking into landing some rapid testing for the coronavirus, perhaps enabling things to resume more quickly. But as Holmes added in the same report, a lot has to happen for that to become a viable option.

"League sources stressed that this matter is in the exploratory phase and that there is no clear timetable as to when the efficacy of any such device might be proven," Holmes reported.

Multiple reports have suggested the league could resume as late as July and play on until September -- with ESPN's Brian Windhorst suggesting the NBA may be fine with playing until the final Saturday before the NFL season kicks off.

Silver warned that at some point, things may get too late in the regular NBA calendar for the season to resume. But for now, he said "in an ideal world," the 2019-20 season will be completed in some form and crown a champion.

"I think we are all realizing how much we miss live sports," Silver told Johnson.

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