Beilein on Cavaliers' Grit: 'I Think it Comes in Spots'

Sam Amico

CLEVELAND -- Cavaliers coach John Beilein is the subject of a new report that alleges some members of the roster are tuning him out.

The Cavs have lost 10 of 11 after a 4-5 start. That makes them 5-15 entering Friday's home game vs. Orlando.

Beilein, 66, spent 40 years in the college game. This season marks his first in the NBA. At first, the college-like atmosphere was viewed as a positive, as the Cavs displayed heart and enthusiasm to make up for their lack of size and overall experience.

That no longer seems to be the case. asked Beilein if the Cavs are displaying the same amount of grit and determination displayed during an overachieving start. 

Here was his response:

"I think it comes in spots," Beilein said. "One of the things I've run into is when you recruited really good kids, that was good news. That was also the bad news. You recruited really good kids who might not be as comfortable sticking their nose in there. So we have to have more fight in us in those areas.

"(Cavs center) John Henson just had play in the game where he got a 50-50 (loose) ball that some other players didn't get. We pointed it out to the whole team. John doesn't have have magical powers to get that 50-50 ball. We had four of them in that game that the others could have gotten.

"That's sort of what we have to do. It's not natural for some people to enter the fight. We have to teach that so they do understand that's part of basketball."