Pregame Dribbles: Love Reiterates He’s All In with Cavs

Sam Amico

Random dribbles as the Cavaliers get ready for their game in Miami (7:30 p.m., FOX Sports Ohio).

1. Kevin Love admitted it’s not always easy being part of a rebuilding situation, but that doesn’t mean he wants out.

2. “I’ve been committed to Cleveland since Day One,” Love told reporters. “It’s been a little shaky at some points, it’s been great at some. I've been able to find a balance here, not only on the court but away from it.”

3. Love has to deal with this sort of talk every year. It’s just the way the NBA works. Too many media and fans generally don’t seem to want good veterans playing for rebuilding teams. They want to talk about trades. That’s what draws the clicks and conversations. Love is just a victim of the machine.

4. So will the Cavs trade Love? I touched on that very subject in my Cavs Mailbag. I highly doubt it. What would they get in return? Another draft pick? No thanks. How many of those things do you need? How many pan out? Plus, you have five expiring contracts if you want more picks.

5. This isn’t to say the Cavs will hang up when other teams start calling about Love. But unless you have an offer of at least one young player with a big upside, the Cavs will have no reason to trade a veteran such as Love. He possesses a positive attitude and doesn’t mind leading or being in Cleveland.

6. OK, enough about that.

7. As for the actual game, Love is returning after sitting out Monday with a bruised lower back. Larry Nance Jr. (thumb) is also back and will start for Tristan Thompson.

8. As you may have heard, Thompson is sitting out to rest. Don’t ask, because I don’t really understand the logic behind that decision, either.

9. The Cavs (4-9) have lost four straight and are on the road against a true East contender. Miami (8-3) has dramatically improved with newcomer Jimmy Butler finally being where he wants to be. The Heat have won four of five.

10. Cavs coach John Beilein: "We’re morphing every day as to what’s next for us as we study the team. We are evaluating everything and it’s impossible to say, ‘OK, this is what we have or this is how we’re going to play.’ We’ve been sort of still trying to develop those things."

11. Again, for more Cavs stuff, check out my Mailbag right here.