Windy: LeBron feels he was the MVP 8 of last 10 years

Colton Jones

If you can back it up, it ain't braggin', the cliche goes.

But in the case of LeBron James and the NBA's Most Valuable Player award -- just as was the case with Michael Jordan and perhaps Kareem Abdul Jabbar at the height of their powers -- the award could go to him almost every season.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, not only does LeBron believe he is the MVP this season, but also in eight of the last 10 seasons.

“In his mind, he believes he probably should have won like 8 of the last 10 MVPs," Windhorst said.

Appearing on the Hoops Collective podcast, Windhorst said James essentially gave concession speeches to Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls in 2011 and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

“In the Derrick Rose year, he gave kind of a concession speech," Windhorst said. "I remember it was in Minnesota in the visiting locker room, and he basically said, ‘This is Derrick’s year.’ But he did it through gritted teeth.

“And he gave a concession speech to Steph when the Warriors won 73 and Steph was unanimous. But LeBron was pissed that year because he finished third to Kawhi (Leonard). He did not believe he should have finished third."

Windhorst said James believes he should have won the MVP award in all eight of the last 10 seasons.

“So those two years, he kind of gave concession speeches," he said. "He believes he should have won every other year."

That includes James' first season back in Cleveland, 2014-15, Windhorst said.

“Even his first year [back] in Cleveland where his back was bothering him for a while, and he missed a couple of weeks in the middle of the season, and his stats were kind of down," he said. "He believed that everything he had to do to carry that team and deal with David Blatt — he believed that he still deserved it.”