Two Former Clippers Team up at Pro Summer League

Former LA Clippers' duo Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell teamed back up at the AEBL Pro Summer League.

After the Lob City era ended in Los Angeles, many believed the Clippers were destined for perennial playoff absences. With Lou Williams, and especially Montrezl Harrell, largely being deemed "throw-ins" in the Chris Paul trade, the departure of Lob City was supposed to be met with the arrival of irrelevance. Instead, the Clippers and their fans were treated to the best bench duo in NBA history, and one of the most exciting seasons imaginable.

On Sunday afternoon, the former Clippers duo of Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell teamed back up at the Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League (AEBL). This Pro Summer League often attracts marquee NBA players, and hosts a 10-week season for professional hoopers to work on their games while also entertaining fans. 

Lou Williams, who is an Atlanta native and current member of the Atlanta Hawks, is a frequent participant in the AEBL Summer League. On Sunday afternoon, he was joined by former Clippers teammate Montrezl Harrell, and the two put on a show. Both Harrell and Williams shared highlights on their Instagram stories of Lou throwing lobs off the glass to Trezz, and the two dominating their competition just like old times. The highlights certainly brought back memories for the Clipper fans who once experienced Lou and Trezz's dominance on a nightly basis.

While Montrezl Harrell's departure from the Clippers was understandably met with a lot of animosity from the fanbase, there is still a level of appreciation for what Trezz did during his time in a Clippers uniform. For a player who was largely considered a "throw-in" in the Chris Paul trade, Trezz transformed himself into a near 20 PPG scorer off the bench, and ultimately won a 6th Man of the Year award because of it.

In consecutive seasons for the Clippers, the bench duo of Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell averaged over 35 PPG. Both of these seasons were the highest combined PPG of any bench duo in NBA history. During the 2018-19 season, the 36.6 PPG that Lou and Trezz combined for was more than the entire benches of 14 different teams. 

Lou and Trezz capped off that historic regular season by pushing the peak Golden State Warriors to six games, including the unprecedented 31-point comeback in Game Two. In the summer before the 2018-19 season, Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell were right where we saw them on Sunday, at the AEBL Summer League in Atlanta. That is where their chemistry was born, and the Clippers was where it was perfected. For Clipper fans, regardless of the way that duo was separated, seeing them back together having fun on a basketball court should certainly bring back sweet memories.