Are the Clippers done making moves?

What moves do the Clippers have left?
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Everyone seems to think the Clippers have "one big move left", but realistically what moves are left to be done?

What big moves are left?

In terms of what big dominoes are left to fall, the only thing remaining is the Westbrook and Harden situation in Houston. Westbrook was reported to want out, and Harden reportedly wants to reunite with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. Whatever happens to both players will likely trigger a massive domino effect for the rest of the NBA.

Granted, no one expected Paul George to be available last year; the Clippers figured out a way to acquire a player who no one expected to leave. There's a chance that could happen again, but that possibility is slim. No other team realistically looks like it's going to implode. That situation stems from a team coming up short in the first round, like Oklahoma City did in 2019.

What do the Clippers need?

At this point, the Clippers need a point guard - whether it's a backup guard or a starting guard. The biggest priority for the Clippers was hiring a better backup big man who could stretch the floor, and they perfectly executed that in the hiring of Serge Ibaka. While they acquired Nicholas Batum, the team may still need a better backup small forward.

The Clippers don't really need a major move, but it's always welcomed. The team was a top 5 offensive and defensive team last season and honestly needed just some small fine-tuning. The talent was there to win a championship, the execution and rotations were not. Swapping Landry Shamet, Montrezl Harrell, and JaMychal Green for Luke Kennard, Serge Ibaka, and Nicholas Batum is the definition of fine-tuning.

What will the Clippers get?

In all likelihood, the Clippers don't have any major moves left for the rest of the off-season. The only big player left is Russell Westbrook, and that's a big gamble for the team. If there was a realistic player to acquire, it would be George Hill or Eric Bledsoe. That being said, there's a big chance that the Clippers will make a move at the trade deadline. Once that moment comes, there will be a better understanding of how the new-look Clippers will perform, and which point guards will be unhappy.

Stay patient Clipper fans, the team is staying on track.