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Blake Griffin may be at the tail end of his career, but he still has some juice left in the tank, and it seems like he may want to finish it off by returning home.

According to a report from Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer, Blake Griffin is not returning to the Brooklyn Nets, and is hoping for a Los Angeles return.

It would be very interesting to see if Griffin's hopes of returning to Los Angeles comes into fruition because both situations are completely different scenarios for him. In all honesty, Griffin may get more playing time in a situation with the Los Angeles Lakers. There could more easily be a bench role for Griffin in a team that still needs a big man.

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A return to the Clippers is the far more sentimental route for both Griffin and Clipper fans. Clipper fans have been clamoring for a Blake Griffin return to the franchise, regardless of whether or not he plays. However, if playing time is something Griffin wants, joining the Clippers may be a tougher option. The Clippers are so stacked from 1-15, that it's honestly tough to see where he would crack the rotation. Griffin would most likely have the Serge Ibaka role with the team, where he'd be the third-string big man who could get playing time when someone else gets injured.

Which team do you want to see Blake Griffin return to?

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