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The LA Clippers have drawn many different types of fans throughout the years, but more recently they've been drawing K-POP stars. On Friday afternoon, they received one of the best - Suga from BTS.

The 28-year-old icon attended the Clippers vs Pistons game on Friday afternoon the day after Thanksgiving. The K-POP idol remained as incognito as possible, sitting in section 111 row A, in a beanie and mask. No fans approached Suga, because quite frankly, none of them really knew he was attending the game. Only Clippers staff knew of his appearance, and they did a great job of keeping him incognito.

I had a chance to say hello to Suga and his team at halftime, and they all simply wanted to enjoy the game. There was a chance for him to have some interaction on the jumbotron or some integration with the game, but the K-POP idol preferred to remain low profile. It's very rare for a celebrity fo his stature to remain completely unbothered at a public appearance, but somehow his team completely pulled it off.

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Throughout the past two years, the Clippers have begun to draw more and more K-POP stars at their games. Some names include: Yugyeom from GOT7, Amber Liu, NCT127, Sorn from CLC, and JYP. Yugyeom and Amber Liu took the interactivity one step further and threw shirts out to the crowd.

BTS is performing in Los Angeles until December 3, so only time will tell if they'll attend more Clipper games in the future. 

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