According to sources, AllClippers can confirm that the LA Clippers are interested in acquiring George Hill.

The past month has felt like never-ending reports and rumors of how the Clippers are interested in varying point guards. Whether it's George Hill, Lonzo Ball, Terry Rozier, or Ricky Rubio, it seems like the Clippers are interested in acquiring that new type of playmaker.

In terms of George Hill, a package would have to be centered around expiring contracts and second-round picks in order for it to make sense. The Clippers own 11 second-round draft picks and have the following players with expiring contracts: Lou Williams ($8 mil), Patrick Patterson ($3 mil), Nicolas Batum ($2.5 mil), Reggie Jackson ($2.3 mil), and Mfiondu Kabengele ($2 mil). 

The players that would make the most sense in a package would be Patrick Patterson or Reggie Jackson, and some second-round draft picks. However, in the case of Reggie Jackson, it becomes a bit troubling when you look at George Hill's injury history this season. 

Hill has only played 14 games this season for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Clippers already have enough trouble staying healthy these past two seasons. It's never really felt like the Clippers didn't have the talent, it's felt like that they can't consistently stay healthy. Hill could be an upgrade over Reggie Jackson or Patrick Patterson, but is he available? That's one of the biggest questions the Clippers need to ask when making a move.

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