The LA Clippers are trying to get the band back together, but it hasn't quite happened yet. While Reggie Jackson still hasn't re-signed with the team, it seems as though the Clippers are optimistic that he will.

According to a report from Jordan Schultz, sources around the league say that the Clippers are "hopeful" about re-signing Reggie Jackson. Schultz also states that money will be a key factor for Jackson and that a sleeper team to consider is the New Orleans Pelicans. 

Money won't be the only factor, but it'll likely be the biggest factor for Reggie Jackson. This could be the last time in Jackson's career that he gets paid like this, and he deserves it after his 2021 playoff performance. 

The Clippers should be able to give Reggie Jackson the money that he's looking for, but it's a matter of if he can get more elsewhere. It's very obvious that Jackson loves the Clippers, and credits them for rejuvenating his career. The reason that Jackson's decision could be taking so long is that he could be weighing a much higher money offer, versus staying on the team he already loves. This is not a statement backed by sources, moreso a speculation on what could be taking so long.

The Clippers have re-signed both Nicolas Batum and Serge Ibaka. The two names left on getting the band back together are Reggie Jackson and Kawhi Leonard. The clock is ticking.

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