Clippers Player Reacts to Suns Finals Loss

LA Clippers forward Patrick Patterson sent out a candid tweet following the Phoenix Suns NBA Finals loss.
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Shortly after the Phoenix Suns watched the Milwaukee Bucks hoist the trophy they hoped to acquire, LA Clippers forward Patrick Patterson seemingly took a jab at the Suns on Twitter. While the Suns were heading back to their locker room, Patterson, tweeted that "Karma is a b**** haha" to his 182,000 followers.

While Patterson did not play much at all against the Suns in the Western Conference Finals, he had a front row seat to what many believed to be unprofessional and even dangerous antics by Chris Paul. There has also been some recent speculation that Patrick Beverley's shove of Chris Paul, that earned him a suspension for next year, was prompted by something inflammatory that Paul directed at the Clippers' bench.

While neither fans nor analysts are privy to all of the dialogue between players that happens throughout the course of a game, it is certainly logical to conclude that Patrick Patterson and the Clippers will not be seeking a summer vacation alongside Chris Paul and the Suns.

After Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday connected for their game-clinching alley-oop in Game 5, many fans and analysts took to Twitter to discuss what could have been a very dangerous foul that Chris Paul committed against Giannis. When Giannis was in the air, Paul shoved him with both hands in an attempt to stop the dunk. While the motive of preventing a dunk is understandable, the basket had already been conceded, and Giannis could have potentially taken a nasty fall.

Nobody outside of Patterson is likely to know exactly what he was referencing with his postgame tweet, but it seems as if at least one Clipper is happy with the NBA Finals outcome.

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