For the first time in years, the Clippers had to play a basketball game against Patrick Beverley. Even though it was just the preseason, the mere sight of him in another team's jersey made some of his former teammates a bit emotional.

"Just seeing him on the other side makes me emotional a bit," Terance Mann said.

Beverley spent a huge portion of the pregame catching up with all of his former Clipper teammates. He spent time talking to staff members like Lawrence Frank, players like Terance Mann & Paul George, and even some Clipper security members.

"Just catching up," Terance Mann said. "That's my guy, that's my vet. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be in the position I would I am today."

Patrick Beverley developed a huge mentorship role with some of the younger Clipper players like Ivica Zubac and Terance Mann. He was their guiding presence, always pushing them to go harder; Ivica Zubac once said that Patrick Beverley was his most influential teammate ever. Despite being on different teams, Zubac looks forward to the challenge now.

"It was definitely weird him cheering for the other guys," Ivica Zubac said. "It was fun seeing him, we miss him a lot. I told him that's not how it's going to work in the season, we're going to beat you guys."

The preseason is officially over for the LA Clippers. Their regular season in a very unpredictable year begins on October 21 against the Golden State Warriors.

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