Kyle Lowry has stated he's going to retire a Toronto Raptor, his agent has stated the trade rumors are false, but Vegas still isn't quite convinced.

According to the betting odds from, the Clippers are still the second-favorite team to land Kyle Lowry if he's traded from the Toronto Raptors; the main favorite is the Miami Heat.


At this point, it seems like it doesn't matter what Kyle Lowry does or says, there will always be a never-ending narrative about him leaving the Toronto Raptors. Just a week ago, there were reports that the Clippers were "dissuaded" by Lowry's contract. Since that week, new rumors ramped up that Lowry preferred to be traded to the Miami Heat because of his friendship with Jimmy Butler. Those new rumors, combined with Miami's assets, are what propelled the team to become the betting favorite.

A week ago, it would have been fair to say that Kyle Lowry was going to remain a Toronto Raptor for at least the rest of the season. Every week seems to introduce new pieces of information which change that story. The NBA trade deadline is in three days on March 25, if Kyle Lowry is still a Raptor by then, then this entire saga can close until the offseason. Until then, his story will be a news rollercoaster. 

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