The short-lived Dallas Mavericks chase for Kawhi Leonard seems to already be at an end.

It was reported by Marc Stein on July 23 that the Dallas Mavericks would do "everything they can" to get Kawhi Leonard. Within two days, Adrian Wojnarowski disproved the report by saying he's gotten "NO indication that Kawhi Leonard is interested in doing anything but re-signing with the Clippers.” Since then, sources have also told AllClippers that they've seen nothing to indicate Kawhi Leonard is leaving the Clippers.

Now, it seems that Stein is reporting that the Dallas Mavericks are no longer pursuing Kawhi Leonard, as they've "moved off" from those plans. According to Stein, the team is now pursuing Kyle Lowry and re-signing Tim Hardaway Jr.

The Mavericks' pursuit of Kawhi Leonard seemed to last about four days. Within four days, it looked like the team learned they pretty much have no chance of signing him and moved on. At the same token, there's still no indication if Kawhi Leonard is even going to be available for the 2021-22 NBA season.

Just because Kawhi Leonard isn't as available as people thought he was, doesn't mean free agency isn't going to be entertaining this off-season. Expect some major moves by some top guards that will likely change the dynamic of the NBA.

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