DeMar DeRozan was linked to the Lakers and Clippers throughout the off-season, but he didn't sign with either team - he signed with the Chicago Bulls.

On July 26, DeRozan was on an episode of Club Shay Shay where discussed potentially playing for a hometown LA team.

“You’d love to have the opportunity to play at home," DeRozan said. "Especially if they want you, why not?"

DeRozan was later linked to potentially taking a discount to play with the Lakers or Clippers, but it seems like the complete opposite happened. He ultimately signed a three-year, $85 million contract with the Bulls.

For DeRozan, it's an incredibly smart decision to make. The star player is only 31 years old, and still has way more money to earn before taking any type of discount. Players in his talent pool were getting massive contracts throughout this off-season, and DeRozan could always start getting pay cuts around age 34-35. One thing to remember is that most players don't start getting big paydays after taking a significant pay cut.

Sources around the league confirmed the Clippers' interest in DeRozan, but there was never a clear confirmation on DeRozan accepting a pay cut to join the team. Other sources indicated that DeRozan didn't want to take any form of a severe pay cut for either LA team, and that's what ultimately ended up happening.

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