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Doc Rivers says Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris, and Lou Williams were fantastic in team discussions

The Clippers have been vocal leaders in social justice discussions

This week was incredibly emotional for the NBA.

A historic NBA boycott took place because of the social injustice over police brutality, and players became more vocally active than ever before. Every single team had a voice, and players walked away with a bigger platform than ever. Doc Rivers was immensely proud of not only just his players, but the entire NBA.

"The players were phenomenal," Rivers said. "I was fortunate enough they invited me to sit in on the meetings, and all of them -- there's been so many different reports, but just from a fly on the wall, I was just so impressed with them"

In regards to the Clippers, there were more active players than most would think. Rivers was especially proud of Kawhi Leonard, Marcus Morris, and Lou Williams.

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"We had a long discussion that night in the hallway, but I thought everyone," Rivers said. "I thought Lou was fantastic, Kawhi was fantastic. Marcus was absolutely wonderful. There was a lot of guys who talked that night. I was just sitting there trying to get them to talk, and they did. A lot of emotion."

While there were some reports stating that Patrick Beverley became hostile NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts, multiple players disputed that claim. In addition, Rivers mentioned that none of the meeting was contentious, and that it was mainly amicable. 

"The meeting last night, I was really impressed because you learn a lot of things, number one, that the players and the owners are partners, and it didn't have to be a contentious meeting and it wasn't," Rivers said. "It was a discussion about what they needed, what they wanted, and Adam and the owners were on board with most of it or all of it, and even the things that they didn't come to an agreement on, they discussed."

In retrospect, this was a week that definitely needed to happen in the NBA. Players needed to reaffirm their voices, and needed to remind themselves what they're truly playing for. When Paul George said the bubble was creating depression for him, he wasn't alone in that sentiment. Hopefully, this historic week will trigger a domino effect of a better positive environment in the NBA.