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Draymond Green is widely respected as one of the most savvy players in the NBA. His defensive prowess is never questioned; however, his offensive impact may be amongst the most underrated in the league. This is largely due to Draymond's high basketball IQ, which works perfectly in Golden State's complex system. On a recent edition of JJ Redick's Old Man and Three Podcast, Draymond revealed who the NBA's smartest players are.

"The smartest players I've played against is by far LeBron, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul," Draymond said. "Who's creeping up into that category, is Ja Morant. Everybody is excited about how Ja Morant flies around, everyone is excited about the passes he may throw... all of those things are very exciting, don't get me wrong, they're exciting. But the thing that excites me most about Ja Morant, is that when we're playing against the Memphis Grizzlies -- and not quite to the level of LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, or Chris Paul -- but when we're playing against [Memphis], I can feel the chess match."

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This is certainly high praise for Ja Morant, especially considering who it is coming from. Many people would likely anticipate LeBron, Rondo, and Chris Paul making that list; however, as Draymond mentioned, Ja Morant is more widely known for his athleticism and excitement. For Draymond, all of that is great, but Morant's IQ is what separates him from most.

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