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The Steph Curry vs. Kevin Durant debate is one that ironically began when the two were teammates. Debates about who was more important to their consecutive NBA titles were prevalent in NBA circles, while Golden State Warriors fans were just happy to have both.

This debate has picked up more steam recently, as Curry and Durant have currently separated themselves from the pack as the league's two best players this season. A combination of individual and team success has these two seated at the top of every early-season MVP debate, and for good reason.

NBA and Miami Heat legend Dwayne Wade joined the Dan Patrick show recently to discuss a multitude of topics, with one being this Steph vs. KD debate. On who he would take right now, Wade said, "That’s a tough one. I’m gonna go with Steph... It won’t make any sense. You can close your eyes and pick. But I guess I went with Steph because Steph has kind of revolutionized the sport. He’s one of those Mount Rushmores from the sense of changing the game the way he has. So I give him a little nod."

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Wade's assessment is certainly a fair one, even it were focused on just this season. Steph Curry currently leads the league in scoring, while leading his Warriors to the best record in basketball. He severely outclassed Durant in their only matchup together so far this season, and while it is still early, this start from Steph has 2016 unanimous MVP vibes written all over it.

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