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A win is a win; however, that is about the only positive takeaway for the Clippers in this game. Against a Portland Trail Blazers team that was without Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, the Clippers were in a close battle until the very end of the game. As has become commonplace, the issue was their offense.

The Clippers decided to start Luke Kennard in this game for the first time this season, and he was the lone bright spot for a while. He gave them 15 points on 3/6 from deep, and was their only positive starter on offense during the first half. Paul George caught fire late in the game, and was able to put it away; however, it was tough going before that point. Four of George's nine baskets came in the final frame.

Down so many players, the Clippers once again relied on rookie Brandon Boston Jr. for some rotation minutes in this game. The rookie poured in 13 points on 3/6 from deep. When asked postgame about Boston's performance, head coach Ty Lue said that "13 points off the bench is pretty solid for a rookie."

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A big reason why the Trail Blazers were able to stay close in this game, was the play of their big man Jusuf Nurkic. Nurkic had a season-high 31 points in this game, on 12/19 from the floor. Coach Ty Lue said postgame that they know he is a good player who can score the ball, and wanted to emphasize that even down their two best players, this Portland team still possesses some weapons.

Another one of these weapons for Portland, and one that coach Lue also mentioned, was Norman Powell. Usually the third option behind Lillard and McCollum, Powell was the go-to guy for Portland in this game, and went for 29 points and 5 rebounds.

While the Clippers were able to come away with a win, they will need to play much better over their next stretch of games that includes one against the Boston Celtics, one against the Phoenix Suns, and one against the Utah Jazz. Outside of a matchup with the Orlando Magic, the Clippers' next four games will be tough. In order to secure wins, this level of play almost certainly will not suffice.