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John Wall and Bradley Beal have spent over eight years together on the Washington Wizards. It's only natural that the two became close, but the two were closer than fans could have imagined.

Wall detailed some of the touching specifics of their friendship in his emotional piece on The Players Tribune. When Wall's mother was struggling for her life, Beal was there for him in a way that no one else was. 

"We got to the team hotel, and I just snapped," Wall said in the piece. "I smashed everything in that Ritz Carlton — the TV, the mirror, everything. That’s actually when I got really close with Brad. I think he knew there was nothing even to say, so he came down to my room and just sat with me. He was there for me during the hardest moment of my life."

After Beal stayed with Wall throughout the night, he drove him all the way from Charlotte to Raleigh, just so Wall could talk to his mother one last time.

"That night, my homeboy drove me all the way from Charlotte to the hospital in Raleigh and I remember sitting in the back seat the whole ride listening to “I Wish,” just playing it over and over and praying that my mom and I could have one more conversation," Wall said. "When I got to the hospital and saw her on the ventilator, her chest going up and down, I fainted."

NBA players often refer to their friendships with one another as a brotherhood. Nothing illustrates that better than the personal friendship between John Wall and Bradley Beal, something that will last long after their professional careers end.

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