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It has now been just over a year since Kawhi Leonard suffered a torn ACL during the 2021 Western Conference Semi-Finals, and the superstar forward continues to progress well in his rehab. LA Clippers President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank addressed the media on Thursday evening, and gave an update on Kawhi's progress.

"He continues to do great," Frank said. "I'm glad we can afford the light bill, because he's putting in the hours. He's doing great, he continues to progress. It's great seeing him on the court." When asked if Kawhi has progressed to 5-on-5, Frank said, "He's on course to where he's progressing really well, but 5-on-5 isn't something that he's doing at this point."

With the Clippers losing in the play-in tournament, Kawhi was able to shift his focus towards next season, removing any potential temptation to rush the rehab process. While there was no expectation that he or the team would have allowed that anyways, the current situation inherently allowed for Kawhi to take things at a slower and more controlled pace, with next season still months away. This lack of 5-on-5 is likely a product of this, as Kawhi now has the opportunity to work his way up to contact basketball at a more controlled pace.

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With all signs indicating a lack of setbacks in Kawhi's rehab, an opening night appearance seems to be a logical assumption at this point.

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