Ivica Zubac believes he can shine in Mavericks playoff series

Zubac is looking forward to the Mavs series
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Ivica Zubac is ready for the playoffs.

One of the most improved players in the bubble is the young Croatian center for the LA Clippers. As Montrezl Harrell was outside of the bubble, Ivica Zubac has used that time to shine even brighter with increased minutes.

One specific team that Zubac succeeds the most against is the Clippers' first-round playoff opponent, the Dallas Mavericks. Most recently, Zubac had a historic perfect game against Dallas in a seeding game last week. In 20 minutes, Zubac put up a perfect: 21 points and 15 rebounds on 10/10 FGs. It's a matchup that Zubac feels especially comfortable in.

"I feel like I can get to offensive rebounds more," Zubac said. I feel like rolling through the pocket, it feels like I have more space."

When it comes to the three-game season series against the Mavericks, Zubac thrives in the matchup. In three games, Zubac averaged: 13.7 PPG, 10.3 RPG, on 64% FG. Looking across the board, it's the most points Zubac scored against any team, and the third-most rebounds he's averaged against any team.

"You know, I just feel physically that I can get a lot of offensive rebounds," Zubac said. "Their starting center, Dwight Powell, is out, so I think physically I can really take advantage of that matchup."

Zubac may perform impressively against the Dallas Mavericks, but he knows not to take them lightly. It's still a team with two superstar players, where every game was close. Regardless, he has a legitimate excitement about facing the team in the playoffs.

"I think it's going to be a great series," Zubac said. "They've got some really good players over there, and we've played them like three times this year, and I think we'll match up well with them."

The playoffs begin Monday.