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Ivica Zubac responds to Kendrick Perkins: 'Lou is a true leader'

Ivica Zubac and the Clippers stand behind Lou Williams

Lou Williams is the talk of the NBA right now. 

After visiting the Magic City Gentleman's club to eat wings, Williams was forced to a 10-day quarantine. As a result, he's been the focal point of every NBA talk show. Most recently, he was the topic of Kendrick Perkins' criticism. 

Once Perkins criticized Williams, multiple members of the LA Clippers defended their sixth man on Twitter - Montrezl Harrell, and Patrick Beverley specifically. Most players tend to take specific offense to Perkins' criticism because he plays it off in person. "Stop laughing and saying it's just TV," Williams said to Perkins.

During the Clippers' postgame press conference, Ivica Zubac was asked about Perkins' statements about Williams. Much like his Clipper teammates, Zubac defended his veteran.

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In terms of his specific experiences with Williams, Zubac has a relationship that originates from their times as Lakers. Zubac has essentially spent his entire five-year career with Williams, and because of that, has a special relationship with him.

"I played with Lou in my rookie year with the Lakers," Zubac said. "I've been here with Lou for a while now, and Lou was my bud. He's been a great guy. Everywhere I've played with him, he's the guy that -- one of the most liked guys in the whole organization. He's always trying to get everyone together on the road."

The situation with Lou Williams is both unfortunate, and ignorant. Fortunately, no one in the NBA contracted COVID-19 from it, and unfortunately, he may cost his team a couple of seeding games. The only thing the LA Clippers can do is forgive, move on, and adapt.