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Just one week after an incredibly improbable win against the Denver Nuggets, the LA Clippers somehow had another improbable win against the Philadelphia 76ers - a 24 point comeback.

The 76ers couldn't believe that they didn't beat the Clippers, with Joel Embiid taking no excuses for the loss.

“We have a lot of guys out and that could contribute but that’s not an excuse," Embiid said. "We gotta be better prepared and know our assignments."

Embiid largely blamed the loss on a lack of focus by the team in the second half. Despite the team allowing a 24 point comeback, Embiid was spectacular. He put up a box score of 40 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists, on 60/100/70 shooting from the field. Regardless, somehow the Clippers figured out a way to overcome and go on a 58-33 run in the final 19 minutes of the game.

“We were up 20 points," Tobias Harris said. "We should’ve won this game."

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While the Clippers are an incredibly scrappy team, there's truly no reason why the Sixers should have lost given the talent differential. Both the players and even the coach, know that.

“It’s a game we should’ve won and we didn’t," head coach Doc Rivers said.

The LA Clippers are the only team in the NBA to have multiple 24+ point comebacks this season. They may be under .500 and shorthanded, but they're clearly the scrappiest team in the NBA. 

LA's next challenge on their 8 game road trip awaits in Madison Square Garden, against the New York Knicks.

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