Outside of Clipper games, Kawhi Leonard sightings are exceedingly rare, but they’re almost always memeable gold when they do surface. His latest appearance was not one of him out in the wild, but in a music video with one of the biggest rappers in the world.

Early Friday morning, accompanying the release of his latest album “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake released the music video for his track “Way 2 Sexy.” The video is frankly hilarious and self-aware of its absurdity. Locations in the video jump from a gym to a beach to an animated grocery store, and feature Drake in a fat suit and a rambo costume among other “sexy” getups.

At one point in the video, we’re brought to a barren sand dune in a desert, and wouldn’t you know it, standing there in white pants and a white button-up dancing alongside Drake, Future and Young Thug, is none other than Leonard.

He keeps it subtle, vibing along and staying in rhythm with the three gentlemen to his left. At one point, he gives a hilarious stare of confusion when Drake points to him before the video cuts to a new scene.

In many ways, this guest appearance is classic Kawhi, not unlike his laugh or his legendary “fun guy” quote. It’s random, a bit awkward (though he seems to be in on the awkwardness of it), and will undoubtedly live on as a legendary moment on the internet, a place of which he has absolutely no awareness.

Leonard has had a relationship with Drake since his days as a Toronto Raptor, and the Canadian star made it clear he wants Leonard to return to the city where he won a title back in 2019. On the track “Remorse,” Drake spits the following:

“Can’t picture being a hubby, finger too stubby to fit a ring on, unless Kawhi wanna run it back, other than that the strings will be unattached.”

Leonard seems fairly content in LA, seeing as he just signed a four-year max contract, but who knows? If Drake keeps giving Leonard roles in his music videos, perhaps he’ll feel obligated to return the favor down the road and win another title for the rapper’s hometown. 

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