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Kawhi Leonard Gives Update on Ankle Injury

Kawhi Leonard rolled his ankle at the end of the Clippers-Jazz game.

Kawhi Leonard gave Clipper fans a bit of a scare when he started flexing his foot toward the end of the Clippers' matchup against the Utah Jazz. Fortunately, Leonard says he's all good.

"Yeah, I'm good," Leonard said. "Just rolled my ankle, but I should be fine."

On one end, both Kawhi Leonard and Clippers coach Ty Lue has stated that Kawhi Leonard is all good. On the other end, we're one game removed from Paul George saying he's all good and then being ruled out with a right hamstring tendon strain. Regardless, you always have to believe the words of the player and coach before anything else.

When it comes to Kawhi Leonard specifically, there's always an extra layer of fear with his injuries - especially after Game 4 against the Utah Jazz in the 2021 Western Conference Semifinals. After the game, he told both the media and privately told his teammates that he was fine, but then it turned out he ultimately had a torn ACL. This isn't being said to inspire any type of fear within fans, just to give a timeline of injuries.

The LA Clippers had a tremendous win against the top-seeded Utah Jazz in a game that made the Clippers half a game out of the first-seed themselves. Up next for LA is the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors, a game that Kawhi Leonard should hopefully be available in.

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