Kawhi Leonard has purchased a new home in Los Angeles, and it's a huge one.

Leonard already owns a $6.7 million penthouse at the Ritz Carlton next to Staples Center, a $13.3 million home in San Diego, and now has a $17 million home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The house is 12,000 square feet, has a 10 person movie theater, and 960 bottle wine cellar. The home was originally created for Ryan Kavanaugh, the former CEO of Relativity Media. It was completed in 2018, put on sale in 2019, and Leonard purchased it in 2021. The original asking price was $25 million, and Kawhi managed to buy it for $17 million.

Kawhi Leonard has a $36 million player option for the 2021 season and plans to enter the 2021 free agency. Fans have been speculating if he's going to stay with the Clippers, or if he'll move elsewhere. Some believe that if the Clippers have another early playoff exit, that Kawhi will leave. 

However, when a player owns three massively expensive pieces of property in Southern California, it seems hard to believe that player would abandon it all. Kawhi Leonard left being a champion of the entire country of Canada to play for the less popular Los Angeles team, he knew very well the situation he was getting into. Only time will tell what the future holds.

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