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The LA Clippers hosted their media day on Monday afternoon, and Kawhi Leonard spoke from the podium for the first time since his injury. When asked about John Wall, Leonard revealed how excited he is for the team's newest addition.

"John, all I can really go back is the two years when I seen him against us versus Houston," Leonard said. "He was playing well. That's the last time I probably seen him in person in a live game action, other than the practices here. But he's been looking great. Let's put it all on the floor and see what we can do. Like I said, we've got a lot of talent here, and I think we'll make something happen."

Everyone from Kawhi Leonard to Ty Lue spoke on how good John Wall has looked in practices, but everyone knows the team must find a way to bring it all together in game action. That is the current goal amongst the team, and one they will begin truly focusing on when they begin training camp this week.

Along with Wall, Leonard mentioned last year's mid-season additions of Norman Powell and Robert Covington as key pieces for this team.

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"I think Norm is good. He can play both ends of the floor," Leonard said. "He's good at on-ball defense, definitely can shoot. He's improved his scoring, his passing since I played with him with the Raptors, and Covington just brings us another guy that can guard multiple positions and stretch that floor out for us."

On paper, the Clippers have one of the best teams in basketball. With the season around the corner it is almost time to see that team on the floor together.

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