The Clippers are down 0-2 against the Jazz in two very disappointingly winnable games, but Kawhi Leonard knows they aren't out yet.

Just two weeks ago, the Clippers overcame an 0-2 deficit on the road against the Dallas Mavericks, and now they'll have to do something similar again. That experience gives LA some hope of being able to do it again.

"We all got to put our will out on the floor," Kawhi Leonard said. "You know, see what we did in the first two games and try to limit our mistakes and just keep going on from there pretty much. You know, we'll see tomorrow what we got to do and you know we've got a lot of fight left. So you know -- we're up for the challenge."

The Clippers used to be a very physical team in 2020, it was one of their calling cards. However, this season they've failed to defensively exert their will on opponents for the majority of the season. Paul George knows the Clippers need to bring that physicality to Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz, or they'll continue to lose games.

"Just continue to just show physicality and just be aggressive defensively," Paul George said. "I think we did that more so in the second half. But you know, I think we can start the game off, just make it a little tougher on them."

Game 3 is on Saturday, and it's a must-win game for the Clippers. 

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