Kawhi Leonard sends Snoop Dogg a Special Gift

Kawhi may be on the Clippers, but Snoop still has love
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Snoop Dogg is one of the most notorious Laker fans out there, but that doesn't mean he hates Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers.

Marcellus Wiley revealed a private message Snoop Dogg sent to both him and Clipper Darrell, which showed that Kawhi Leonard sent Snoop a personal pair of his new shoes.

For those who may not have seen what Kawhi Leonard's new shoe looks like, here's another look:

Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous Clipper haters ever, and even he said in the video that it's all love between him and the Clippers. This isn't the first time he's mentioned praise for the team. On a previous episode of "All The Smoke", Snoop stated that he secretly respects the Clippers. In fact, there was one time he came to a Clipper game during the playoffs in the Lob City era.

While Laker fans may slander the Clippers at every possible chance, people like Snoop Dogg show that there's still a respect factor. The Clippers went from a team that was considered the worst in the history of sports, to one that is a championship favorite. Fans don't have to like that, but they certainly have to respect that. Ultimately, no one has to respect how short the team came up in the playoffs. 

The Clippers have 42 days to prepare themselves for a chance at redemption. The NBA season is returning sooner than anyone expected, but it's an equal playing field. The best way to earn respect is through winning.