Ivica Zubac will be starting over Serge Ibaka for the rest of the season, and Kawhi Leonard trusts both him and the decision.

Zubac was the starter for the Clippers last season, so this isn't anything new for Kawhi Leonard. The two already have good chemistry, and things are trending in the right direction as they continue to communicate on the court.

The Clippers still have no exact timetable on when Serge Ibaka is going to return. The team hopes that he'll return on this road trip before the end of the season. Regardless of whether or not Serge Ibaka returns, Ivica Zubac will be the starting center for the LA Clippers. Zubac confirmed that he knew he would be starting a long time ago, so now that rotation has been completely cleared up.

There are only three games left in the regular season for the Clippers. Time is ticking for getting the guard rotation and Serge Ibaka's minutes into familiar territory.

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