Kyle Lowry is one of the very few players in the NBA who has experienced tremendous success with both Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan. During a recent episode of CJ McCollum's "Pull Up with CJ McCollum" podcast, he discussed what it was like playing with both.

"With Kawhi, you kind of take on his (personality) a bit," Lowry said. "With DeMar, me and him, we clicked... It wasn't a role with us. We just became brothers. And we fed off each other."

While Lowry may have had more chemistry with DeMar DeRozan, he clearly had more success with Kawhi Leonard - winning the first NBA championship in Toronto Raptors history. Despite the differences between the two players, Lowry believes there are some big similarities between both Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan.

"The dynamics of those two, they're very eerily similar," Lowry said. "Even off the court. People don't think Kawhi is different off the court. They're very eerily similar. It was awesome to play with those two and I'm blessed to play with those two talents."

Kawhi Leonard will always be one of the most enigmatic players in the NBA. Because he doesn't have any social media of any kind, people have to learn about Kawhi Leonard through word-of-mouth stories. It makes him a very unpredictable type of player, one that will randomly be background dancing in a Drake music video type of unpredictable.

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