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Clippers launch Innovative Digital Fan Community for NBA Restart

The Clippers are finding new ways to give fans an authentic NBA experience.

One of the biggest downsides of the NBA restarting was the lack of fans. It seems like for the foreseeable future, fans won't be able to step foot in an arena. The LA Clippers are making sure none of their fans get left behind in this restart. 

Beginning today, the LA Clippers are debuting a new interconnected digital fan community. This digital community will offer fans new ways to connect with the team at home, and new ways to feel a part of the game. Clippers season ticket holders will take their MVP membership virtual for 2020.

One of the biggest facets of the experience is the new "Overtime Live" post-game show on Zoom. The show is hosted by Clippers radio voice Noah Eagle, and comedian Carl Tart. The show will feature "game analysis, special guests and live conversation with questions from MVP members." The show will premiere today at 3:30 p.m. PT, hosted by Corey Maggette. Overtime Live will air live after each game during the Playoffs run, and can be watched here.

While season ticket holders can participate in this interactive post-game show, every fan will have access to:

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  • "In-game content and contests that make them feel like they’re part of the gameday experience, through the Clippers Mobile App. This includes in-game arena entertainment, like the t-shirt toss, dance challenge, or fan of the game.
  • Curated community conversation and behind-the-scenes content around games, through the new Official LA Clippers Fans Group on Facebook."
  • A chance to be featured in the arena by submitting fan reaction videos to 'Support the Squad.'

There's no return date for when fans will be back in NBA arenas. As of right now, they're still not even allowed in arenas for the 2021 season. These next few months will be one of unfamiliarity, but of adaptation. Through the loss of physical presence, is the opportunity to capture a new digital presence. As the Clippers launch this initiative, one should fully expect other teams to follow.