Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley will Participate in 2K Tournament

Garrett Chorpenning

Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes first announced that the NBA would be launching a players-only NBA 2K20 Tournament last night, and now the full list of those participating has been released via The Boardroom.

L.A. Clippers Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley will both be involved, according to the graphic.

Originally said to include a player from each NBA team, the tournament will instead feature 16 players in total and last 10 days. Harrell, the No. 8 seed in the bracket, will compete with Indiana Pacers All-Star Domantas Sabonis in the opening round while Beverley, the No. 14 seed, will take on Portland Trail Blazers big Hassan Whiteside. 

Beverley and Harrell both have lower seeds, but it's hard to imagine that will bother them given their reputation as underdogs. They were each vital pieces of the Clippers team that made a surprising effort against the Golden State Warriors in last year's playoffs when L.A. overcame a 31-point deficit in Game 2. 

Numerous other stars will participate as well, including Kevin Durant, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker, Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins.

The rules of the tournament are still unclear, but it seems as though each player will control whichever team they play for in real life. Cousins, who is currently a free agent, will probably play as the Los Angeles Lakers — the last team he was rostered with. 

The tournament will begin this Friday on ESPN. 

If it comes down to it, who will you be rooting for between Harrell and Beverley?

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Farbod Esnaashari


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