The LA Clippers have partnered with the premier massage therapy device company Therabody.

The Clippers have made it a mission for the past couple of seasons to partner with LA-based companies like Honey, and Therabody fits that mold. Therabody had already established themselves in the LA sports world as they've partnered with both the Los Angeles Rams and LA Dodgers prior to partnering with the Clippers. 


This partnership will have Therabody work directly with the team in helping to improve the recovery of Clipper players. Each player will receive different care based on their position, and Therabody will create custom protocols to benefit each player.

Therabody will give Clipper players the access to use Theragun PROS, and Wave Rollers during games and practices. The team will also be able to use Therabody's compression technology RecoveryAir.

The significance of body maintenance is higher than ever in the NBA. It's something Paul George vocalized earlier in the season, as he drew inspiration from LeBron James' longevity. 

"I got an injury and I realized I needed to take care of my body," George said to GQ. "As I got older, I was seeing more wear and tear. Also, when I'm done playing this game, I want to be able to do normal things and not hurt from them. So that means these days I’m spending time with my Theragun. My recovery pump. I’m getting in the cold tub. All of that."

NBA players are largely more athletic and in better shape than any time in the history of the league. Thanks to modern science and recovery technology, fans can hope to see their favorite players play longer than ever.