Paul George calls LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony 'Tremendous Leaders'

Garrett Chorpenning

LA Clippers star Paul George is never afraid to speak out about something he believes in. He credits players like LeBron James for paving the way for him to do so.

On a conference call with reporters on Saturday, George praised James, Carmelo Anthony and others for making it more comfortable for athletes to voice their opinions on injustice.

"You have tremendous leaders in our league in LeBron, Dwyane Wade, CP, Carmelo. We got unbelievable leaders that notice they have a platform. They're educated in politics, and they're using their platform to get points across. 

"For a long time guys were just stuck on, Hey, we play ball and that's it, I don't want to get into that lane and talk politics because that's not what we do.

"I think those four guys that I named has made it comfortable for guys to step out and give their takes on politics."

George also gave credit to the NBA for allowing the players to speak out, saying it's a "great partnership" between the two parties.

His statement especially rings true in 2020, where we've seen more professional athletes speak out, demonstrate and protest for things they believe in than ever before. And like George said, the NBA is engaging in that activism as well. 

When the season resumes on July 30, courts will have the phrase "Black Lives Matter" painted on them, and players will be able to wear a social justice statement in place of their names on their jerseys. It's a small step for sure, but it's one in the right direction.

George's LA Clippers will take on James' Los Angeles Lakers later this month to kick off the NBA restart. 

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