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Should the LA Clippers Pursue a Trade for Myles Turner?

Myles Turner reportedly wants out of Indiana. Could the LA Clippers be a potential suitor?

Following their early exit from this year's playoffs, the LA Clippers will be looking to make a few upgrades to the roster as they prepare to make another run at the title in 2021. We know that they need to add another quality center, and fortunately, there are plenty of options available via free agency.

However, if the Clippers would instead seek a trade, a potential avenue may have just opened up.

According to The Athletic's Jared Weiss, in addition to Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo, Myles Turner is possibly looking to move on from the franchise this offseason.

Still just 24 years old, Turner is an interesting prospect. He's never averaged more than 7.3 rebounds per game despite his seven-foot frame, but he's arguably the league's best shot-blocking big and has connected on 36% of his three-point attempts over the last four seasons. 

He was especially effective during Indiana's brief stint in the postseason, averaging 15.8 points, 10.8 rebounds and 4.0 blocks in four games against the Miami Heat. 

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There's no denying that he'd be a defensive upgrade over Montrezl Harrell, and his ability to space the floor would do a lot for the team's offense. That said, there are a few factors that probably eliminate the Clippers from the running.

The biggest issue has to do with the assets LA could offer — the same problem that the franchise would run into when trying to deal for someone like Jrue Holiday. Without draft capital, it isn't easy to craft a competitive offer when other teams could throw multiple first-round picks Indiana's way. 

That's not to say it would be impossible. LA could find a way to make salaries match, and there's always the possibility of a third team getting in on the deal. A Harrell sign-and-trade could return trade assets as well.

Another big question that comes with Turner is the fit. The Clippers already have a strong starter in Ivica Zubac, and the front office seems high on him. If Turner would only be used as a backup, it doesn't make a ton of sense to invest so much in a potential trade — especially when there are so many quality backups available.

LA could always trade Zubac to eliminate that issue, but his value is off the charts for the price the Clippers are paying. He isn't the issue with this team, either. 

The idea of adding a two-way center like Turner is intriguing for sure, but ultimately, the Clippers would probably be better off pursuing a defensive-minded backup big to replace Harrell.