Marcus Morris says Clippers have 'better energy' this season.

The Clippers already look like they have more chemistry.
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It's early, but the Clippers already look like they have more chemistry than last season. While we haven't had the chance to see the locker room first-hand, the increased chemistry looks apparent through the television set.

Marcus Morris, who was a part of last year's team, agrees.

When a team experiences a collapse like the Clippers did in the bubble, it's hard to recover. It was a moment that Clipper fans could argue was the worst moment in franchise history. Their locker room issues were the hot topic of the entire 2020 season, and the off-season. Somehow, this team has figured out a way to come back, and look even better.

The key for the Clippers this season will be communication. With the personalities on this team, there has to be a constant level of communication, to make sure nothing gets taken the wrong way. That's something head coach Ty Lue is really emphasizing.

"It's good to have dialogue with your players and see what their thoughts are," Lue said. "Constant communication is always good, and they feel a part of it."

That communication is working for the Clippers so far. Players are confident in themselves and confident in each other. They know where the ball is going to be, and their shooting percentages are higher because of it.

"It's really open," Morris said. "The dialogue between coaches and players has to be strong to win a championship."

The Clippers had all the talent to win a championship last season, and the same thing applies to this season. In 14 games, their communication and chemistry looks even better than before. If it continues to grow, only good things can happen.