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Marcus Morris and the Clippers may not like the Utah Jazz, but he certainly respects Rudy Gobert.

The Jazz defeated the incredibly shorthanded LA Clippers and snapped their four-game winning streak last night, but there's no love lost between the two teams after their previous playoff bout. In the loss, Marcus Morris gave praise to Rudy Gobert's defensive capabilities.

"Yeah, they're still the same team," Morris said. "Ain't nothing changed. [Rudy] protects all of them. None of them really can defend. Just funnel it to him, and it's tough to - he's a great player, and he does a great job of, you know, anticipation, staying down, being real solid. So, you know who they are."

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Morris' words were a compliment to Gobert, but also a diss to the rest of the Utah Jazz's ability to defend. Earlier in the season, Donovan Mitchell stated he believed the Jazz would have beaten the Clippers in the playoffs if the Jazz were fully healthy. It's an interesting take to believe in, considering that the Clippers defeated the Jazz in two straight games without their best player in Kawhi Leonard. Regardless, it shows that Mitchell and his team still think about the Clippers.

The Utah Jazz and LA Clippers will have their rematch on March 18, which is quite some time from now. In the meantime, the Clippers' next opponent will be on Saturday, against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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