There's no surprise that teams will be throwing themselves at one of the league’s most supreme talents, Kawhi Leonard, as a possibility looms that he hits free agency. A player option on the last year of his deal gives him the freedom to make a decision, leaving many teams playing the waiting game.

The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat have shown to be the biggest threats to lure Leonard out of LA, per Kevin O'Connor. An emerging star, in Luka Doncic, is a pitch in itself, especially considering Leonard’s build being the exact fix for that team.

Doncic has showcased an outstanding ability to score the basketball, but a two-way sidekick, who already has that superstar label, clearly takes them to the next level. That type of acquisition also puts a stamp on the future of Doncic in a Mavericks uniform.

As for the Miami Heat, the destination alone is “luring” for any high-level basketball player that hits free agency. Aside from that, the two headliners on that squad, in Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, share a similar mindset and build with him.

Previously, an executive believed there was a "less than once percent chance" of Kawhi Leonard leaving the Clippers. That was before his team was two wins away from the NBA Finals without him.

When the top three guys on a team can play on both ends of the floor, it’s clear there is something special on that unit. Every NBA team is a Kawhi Leonard away from contending, but there’s no doubt that the Heat would stand out as he enters the decision-making stage.

Once again, that upcoming player option means that he can very well opt-in to run it back with the team that just made the Western Conference Finals, but it comes down to the current focus of Leonard entering his 11th NBA season.