NBA Draft Combine Starts Monday, September 28

Farbod Esnaashari

The 2020 NBA Draft Combine will officially begin Monday, September 28, and continue into mid-November. The format itself will change as well.

The combine will have two different parts attached to it this year, one being conducted virtually, and the other in NBA team markets.

“NBA Draft Combine is an essential part of the pre-draft evaluation process,” said Byron Spruell, President, NBA League Operations, in a statement to “While the circumstances surrounding this Combine are unique, we’re excited to creatively deliver a valuable experience for our teams, who have remained flexible through the process, and for prospective draftees who are just beginning their NBA journeys."

Videoconferences will run from September 28 to October 16. In addition to videoconferences, there will be an individual on-court program consisting of strength and agility testing, anthropometric measurements, shooting drills a “Pro Day” video, and the use of "Combine HQ."

According to, "Combine HQ" is an "interactive online platform, Combine HQ provides NBA teams with a one-stop shop for scouting information gathered during the on-court portions of this year’s Combine. Using Combine HQ, NBA teams and scouts will be able to compare participating players to their peers, past Combine participants and current NBA players, and view detailed shot charts and statistics."

The NBA did a terrific job of adapting their season to finish in the bubble. That level of reformating and adapation won't end at the 2020 season. Expect to see parts of the 2021 season to be more innovative than ever before.