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With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George set to begin next season fully healthy, many have the LA Clippers atop a short list of title favorites. The team has made significant strides towards that ultimate goal, but with injuries derailing their previous two seasons, health has been their primary deterrent.

With the duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George showing real signs of promise during the 2021 playoffs, the Clippers believe this core can do something special. A big reason why the organization still feels that way, is because the front office has constructed a roster that compliments their two superstars. Amongst these key role players is veteran forward Nicolas Batum.

During a recent Q&A session on Twitter, Batum was asked what it's like to play alongside Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Unsurprisingly, Batum stated that their presence makes the game easier for everyone:

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Like most superstars, the mere presence of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George makes life easier for everyone around them. This has been on full display during the duo's Los Angeles tenure, and while their ultimate goal has yet to be accomplished, the Clippers have been trending in the right direction.

Should health permit a full season of Kawhi and PG alongside each other, players like Nicolas Batum will have an opportunity to play their roles at an elite level, allowing the team's two stars to do their thing.

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